APSIA #4 Writing Critical Essay


I knew that Saturday is a holiday. However I had to wake up early and go to Faculty of Computer Science. APSIA meeting was held there. The class started at ten o’clock and we discussed about critical and academic writing guided by Dimas Muharam.

Dimas Muharam is a graduate from Faculty of Humanities, active on writing activity. He often write essay in newspaper, web, and another journalistic media. At the beginning session he said, “Essay is manifestation of our anxiousness” Sometime we feel anxious with the situation among us. There are many unsuitable things we complain for. That anxiousness will be useless if we do nothing. At least writing an essay could reveal our thinking concerning the problem. “no matters great an idea, no body knows if you don’t write it.”

Writing is not only about showing idea, there are some benefits we could get on writing.  Writing trains our sensitivity concerning issues among us. It’s not only talking about problem, but also finding potential thing. Writing could be media for giving contribution. It also builds our personal branding. Last, we could earn some financial supports by writing.

He gave us some important information on writing an essay. The first weapon to convince the readers is title. Title  is important part of the text because it determines weather the readers is interested to read the text or not. Not only interesting, the title also should represent the whole text. Then, We need to make sure that our writing is suitable with actual and factual condition. It is better to chose trending and upcoming topic.

In observing the topic, we should take unique point of. We are not the only writer, we have to be unique to fascinate the readers. For the first paragraph, we need to give. Don’t start an essay with common knowledge that everybody has already known. Deep analysis is also needed to keep our writing quality. Facts and data could support our argument. Sometime we need poetical touch avoiding saturation of the reader. But we should not become too cliche. Last thing is editing and sharing.

As the expert one, Dimas also gave special `tricks for writing in newspaper. First we have to understand the characteristics of the media. Each media has special side and focus. Let’s say  Republika tends to be in religious area and Bisnis Indonesia concerns on economy and business issues. Beside complying with the important things I explained before, our writing should be adjusted with the characteristic of the media. Then, before sending the writing, we need to put politely an introductory for the editorial team. We also need to give brief biography and background. Last,

Writing in newspaper is not easy of course. Dimas reminded us to never give up. Practice makes perfect. We have to used to writing everytime. He suggests us to vacate time for writing. At least a half hour a day. No matter our mood condition, good or bad, Just Write!


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