APSIA #3: The Celestial Management


Title                   : The Celestial Management

Author              : A. Riawan Amin

Year                  :  2004

Publisher          : Embun Publishing

Thickness         : 275 pages

Cover                : Soft cover

The Celestial Management, this is the third book about sharia economics that I have ever read, after Bank Syariah: Dari Teori ke Praktek (Antonio Syafi’i) and Ekonomi Islam (P3EI UII). However this book tell me about sharia economics with different way. This book observes sharia economy by using management study and also business analysis.

The Celestial Management means a management system based on spiritual concept. It is imbued with ilahiah inspiration descended down from the sky.

In this book, Riawan Amin explains several universal principles and spiritual values concerning sharia business activity. They are wrapped up in 12 chief attributes compacted in three core concept as ZIKR, PIKR, and MIKR. in every part of the concept he explains  the philosophy and connection with Quran and Sunnah as sharia base foundation. He also tell a story representing the value. This one avoids me to be bored while reading.

This book discusses about a place of workship by ZIKR(Zero base, Iman or faith, Konsisten or consistency, and Result-oriented). Then the second concept is a place of wealth explained by a share of PIKR (Power, Information, Knowledge, and Rewards). Last but not least, a place of warfare by MIKR (Militant, Intellect, Kompetitif or competitiveness, and Regenerative).
“The Application of ZIKR-PIKR-MIKR will transform the patterns of thought, behaviour, inter-crew relationship in a spirit of together and synergy.........The crew will not do their jobs merely because they are driven by financial reason but also because they are motivated by their dedication to God the Almighty”

Almost the whole part of this book, Riawan Amin uses Bank Muamalat as an obeservation object to explain his concept of celestial management. He shares his experience during being the leader of the first sharia bank in Indonesia. He is not only talking about the concept, but also have successly run it in fierce competition of baking industry.

With all new spirit and vision inside, the presence of this book becomes a guide for CEOs to improve thier business with spiritual touch. However, it is relevant for everybody to read, even for who doesn’t understand anything about business and management. The value of this book also could be applyed in daily activity.

I was used to  reading at least one book every month, but I seldom make it into a writing. And this is written as monthly APSIA's assignment. After reading this book, I have three wishes . First, I understand the values of this book and could apply them. Second, I could continue my monthly reading and reviewing book activity. Third, could find another book authored by not only Riawan Amin but also Pyan Amin.


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