APSIA #2: Encouraging Self for Public Speaking


The sun had long enough arose, but its shine was being blocked by thin cloud. It was drizzling outside there. At the 6th floor of UI’s library, auditorium room was quite empty. It was 07.30 as arrival schedule, but only few who had come. I knew two of them are committees but neither did with the other one, a girl with black T-shirt, blue jeans, and pink sneakers.

APSIA second meeting was held at 23th february 2013. Under title "Presenting with impact"  APSIA member were trained to give presentation and public speaking. The speaker invited to train us was so great woman, Tantia Dian Permata. She is the achiever of the most famous achievement for undergraduate students in Indonesia, Mapres Utama Nasional 2010. How unexpectable she was when she came forward  with his unique fashion that I have told before. She also had very short hair such as a boy, but still looked gorgeous. At least she had changed his T-shirt with more polite shirt.

At the beginning presentation Tantia told her story. She told her weekly activities as a consultan and public speaking trainer. In the sideline of her business she still channel her hobby on dancing. She also shared her time to have social activity in Manggarai.

Then, Tantia shown us a slide about presentation ecosystem. The are three circles around the main circle labeled presentation ecosystem. They are massage, delivery, and visual. Most of her whole presentation told about them.

Talking about delivery, Tantia gave us some tips we should concern.toward.

Shock the audience     : Make the audience aware of your existence. Give some unique/shocking information, statistical fact, or funny joke at the beginning of presentation.

Be unexpected  : Act like no body can guess you. be different from the average so every body can remember you.

Be concrete     : Do not give any normative-unreal concept like  politicians

Be credible      : Everything you told must have

Appeal to emotion : Feel the audience emotion. Take a part in their heart.

Just tell story   : Do not be too straight. Make the presentation flow like water so the audience enjoy it.

Do you remember why tuning fork can be shaking when another is shaking. Yup, you’re right, because they have same frequency. It’s called resonance. In public speaking we also can use this condition; resonating massage. The main point of public speaking is communication – delivering massage from speaker to the audience, and of course to make the audiences understand what speaker is talking about. The massage can be well received by the audience only if they have same frequency. So the speaker has to resonate with the audience.

Tantia gave us three points to resonate the audience: Pain, Goal, and Help. The first one, to know audience’s pain We have to understand what the biggest problem audiences are facing. If we can take a part of their business, they will give some respect. For the second, we should know the answer, "What is their biggest dream? What is the information they want to hear to?" And last but not least, Help. What kind of helping are we can offer? They need our help to solve their problem. So, resonating massage is all about understanding audiences

Tantia loves dance. Twice a week she spend her time having dance classes, Hip-hop on Tuesday and Salsa on Friday. In the training she shared her hobby. She asked some of us to dance Hip-hop for ice breaking in the first session. And before the second session started, She asked all of us to dance salsa together. I felt so embarrassing when I had to shake my hips and walk girlish.

“Rule of three.” It was the first time I heard that theory. According to someone (I forgot his name) research, Tantia told us that the most effective way to divide explanation is dividing by three parts. Two is too short and four is too much. I realized that while the presentation Tantia always divided her material by three parts. Hearing her explanation about that rule make remembered with an hadist, Innallaha witrun wa yuhibul witra.

Call for action, that is the last thing she taught us. A presentation will affect nothing without any action. It will float meaningless. At the end of presentation the speaker should ask the audience to realize what have been learned before.


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