APSIA #1: Finding Original Idea on Writing


First of all, I would like to ask apologize for leaving very first APSIA meeting in this semester. I knew it was interesting and priceless meeting. However I couldn’t attend it because I had to give a training at a high school. Before I got APSIA announcement I had been invited to teach for economics olympiad preparation. Its hard for me to reject it because Ican't find the substitution. I don’t think this essay could replace my absence in the meeting. But at least I have responsibility to do the task as a member of APSIA. Although I only got  limited resource from interviewing friend, I still have to write this resume.
Saturday, 16/02/2013 first meeting of APSIA in second semester was held. The members of APSIA gathered at K301 Faculty of Technology UI. In that meeting the commitee invited four speakers to give writing training. The first one was Ary Rachmawan, book author and CEO Cerdas Mulia publisher. The other was Windy Ariestanty, book author and Gagas Media auditor. Then the others were Diego and Boim Lebon. Of course, all of them have many outstanding experience on the world writing. The participant’s skill on writing must be improved significanly.

At the first session Diego told his experience on writing. Hang on his passion, he decided to enter a field of writing activity. He explained the difference between showing and telling. In writing we need to show not to tell. “The Lady is criying” this is kind of telling. But when we show we can use, “I don’t have the heart to watch her tears fall down.” Showing makes writing become more live. It can touch reader’s imagination and emotion.

In the next session Baim Lebon, the Lupus author taught us that research is the most important in writing. Without research, we just write meaningless text. Even for a fiction  creation, we still need to research. Every reader demands reasonable creation. We must not leave logical side of writing.

Third and forth session held after lunch-break. Had recharged energy, we were ready to participate on the training. As a training activity we were not only listensd the speaker’s presentation, we also were trained to write. Like a real author who, we were asked to write mini biography that used to be at the last page of book. Although we haven’t done some part of that future biography, at least it can motivate us to chase that dream.

We were also asked to write six words short story. Firstly, I didn't know that there were that kind of that unique story. Then speaker told the best one, "Fore sale: baby shoes, never worn". That were only simply six words but I could feel the emotion. By reading that story we can feel the sadness of parent who have prepared supplies for their baby, but they cann't have one.

During the training was running the speaker said, “If you don’t have any pretension to ask but your teacher force you to ask a quetion, What kind quetion do yo ask for?” This quetion snap us deeply. Facing this awkward situation, we may pretend to be silent than asking stupid quetion. Beside we have no idea to ask a quetion, we often judge the answer before we get it. That’s why sometime we don’t feel satisfy with the answer.

The point is not about what kind of quetion we ask but how we use our creativity to break unknown knowledge. Unlike adult people, children can ask quetion much more. One quetion chains another quetions. They don’t care what answer that they will get. They just want to know no matter what will be happen. “Don’t stop asking quetion, let your enthusiasm flow like children’s.” The speaker calls for action in the end of section.

There always great experience in every APSIA meeting. Knowing only some part of that meeting makes me feel regret to leave it. Hopefully I can attend next meeting and more experience.


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